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Welcome to Eagle Family Health!

Eagle Family Health was started in March of 2008, when Dr. Kies took over the practice of Dr. Patrick Ryal, who left his practice after many years to become a missionary in Nicaragua.

Dr. Kies is comfortable with all ages and stages of life, providing newborn physicals and hospice care, and most everything in between. We do insulin management, annual physicals, well-child checks, laceration repairs, nursing home visits, blood pressure checks, ear cleaning and skin biopsies. We see urine infections, heart failure, back pain, sinus infections, allergies, migraines, acid reflux, sprains and strains, and coordinate referrals with specialists for the things we can't handle here.

Dr. Kies doesn't do obstetrics anymore, and we can't do X-rays in the office, but we can order expedited X-rays at the hospital and draw your blood.

Relationship with MercyOne Medical Center - North Iowa:
We are not a MercyOne network clinic, but we work closely with MercyOne. Most of our patients receive their hospital and surgical care there. Dr. Kies can log into the MercyOne computer system to check on tests, x-rays and hospitalization reports. When she logs in every morning, the MercyOne computer will give her a message if you have been seen in the MercyOne Emergency Department (assuming the computer knows that she is your doctor), so she can find out what happened to you.

Dr. Kies does not have “admitting privileges” at MercyOne Medical Center NI, because it’s impossible to provide good hospital care from a clinic 15 miles away. She does have “consultation privileges” at MercyOne Medical Center, which means that she can review your tests, and assist the hospital team with your care there. The Mercy computer does not automatically send Dr. Kies a message that you’ve been admitted to the hospital, so if you’d like her to visit you, please call the clinic. She will stop by after she has finished work at the clinic for the day.

Laboratory tests that we do in-house include: urinalysis, blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C, cholesterol panels, hematocrit, hemoccult cards, urine pregnancy tests, rapid covid testing, rapid strep screening, protime/INR (for coumadin levels). This means we will have the results ready to discuss with you before you leave.

There are various tests that we have to send to MercyOne lab in Mason City. Our protocol is to call you with the results as soon as they are faxed to us, usually the next business day but closer to a week for pap smears or other pathology reports. If you have not heard from us, or if you would also like a paper copy of the results, please let us know. No news is not necessarily good news.

Medication Refills:
We work hard to process your medication refill requests promptly. We try our best to have morning requests done by noon, and afternoon requests done before we go home. However, you should call for your refills a few days before you’re going to run out so that if there are any problems with the pharmacy or your insurance, we have time to fix them.

Co-pays and Deductibles:
Co-payments and deductibles are due on the day of service, according to your insurance contracts. We accept cash, check, VISA or MasterCard for your convenience. Please send co-pays with your children if you will not be accompanying them, or call to put them on your credit card if you prefer. There is a 15% discount if you pay in full on the day of service and we do not file any insurance claims. Otherwise, we send the claims to your insurance and don’t send you a statement until the insurance has processed the bill. If there is nothing left over for you to pay after the insurance goes through, you won’t get a bill at all. Feel free to contact us if you receive a charge that you don’t understand. We try to make it as simple as possible, but there’s only so much we can do with the insurance “red tape” and we’ll explain it the best we can.

Email: info@eaglefamilyhealth.com