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Our office is staffed from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, but we do not make appointments on Wednesday afternoons, because that is when we can catch up on administrative tasks, nursing home visits, house calls (!), continuing medical education, etc.

Virtual Visits: We now offer Virtual Visits and Video Visits on-line for established patients with simple problems that don't need to be seen in the office! This includes simple colds, sinus infections, yeast infections, etc. that can be diagnosed accurately by your symptoms without an exam. Go to Virtual Visits for more information.

Before your First Office Visit:

Gather and complete important documents prior to your appointment, including forms, previous medical records, immunization records, and insurance cards (call us to make sure we accept your insurance carrier) and map out the clinic. This prior preparation will help you focus on your health at the time of your visit (and help keep your blood pressure low when we check it).

Our standard "new patient" forms are posted below to assist you as you prepare for your appointment.

If you have children, here are a couple of nice articles to help you get your child ready for a visit to the doctor.

New Patient Forms: Click on the links below to view Eagle Family Health forms. You may print these forms and complete them at home. If you are unable to complete these forms at home, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow the time to complete them before you are seen.

    Registration Form: All patients being seen for the first time at Eagle Family Health must submit a completed registration form. The form must be signed by you (or, for a child, the legal guardian that is financially responsible for a child). Established patients with any changes can submit a new form or mark the corrections on their old form when they come in.

    Consent and Insurance Form: Every patient must have a consent form on file giving us permission to treat them and get paid by their insurance.

    HIPAA Form for Release of Information: Let's us know what phone numbers we can call, whether we can leave messages, and who we can share your medical information with, if anyone.

    Authorization to Obtain Information Form: Allows us to get records from previous providers. Please allow your previous providers plenty of time to get us your records. The process can take up to a month.

    Intake Health History Form - Adult: To be completed by all new patients or their legal guardian. This form helps us thoroughly and efficiently review key health information such as past medical problems, past surgeries and family medical history.

    Intake Health History Form - Child: As above.

    Intake Health History Form and Quiz - Travelers: Provides key health information to prepare for foreign travel, and a short quiz about travel safety.

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please give us 24-hours-notice if possible. We can then reschedule your appointment to a date and time that will work better for you. Remember, morning appointments fill in quickly with fasting lab visits. If you want one of the early morning slots in the schedule, youíll want to make your appointment early.

As a courtesy, we call the day before your appointment to remind you and clarify if you need to do anything special such as fast for lab work.

We set aside 15-20 minutes for a standard appointment. This is usually enough time to deal with one or two simple problems: a sore throat, ear infection, sprained ankle, rashes, or bladder infections. It is NOT enough time for more complex problems such as abdominal pain, chest pain, new headaches, chronic cough, fatigue/weakness, sleep problems, or to deal with multiple concerns. So please let us know if you might need extra time when you make an appointment (or when we make the reminder call) so we can give you the attention you need without being rushed or inconveniencing the patients who come after you.

Please come to your appointments a few minutes early, since there is almost always some sort of paperwork for insurance or if you have in-house lab tests to be done, so the results are ready when itís time for Dr. Kies to see you.

Transfering Care:
As a courtesy, we will copy and send your complete record to your new provider without the usual duplication fees. Please allow plenty of time to copy your records. The process can take a couple of weeks. Let us know if you need certain records more urgently.